The NOVA Generation in Player Engagement

The  NOVA Generation in Player Engagement

Playnova plus

PLAYNOVA PLUS offers iGaming operators an extensive suite of engagement and gamification tools to create endless gaming experiences. Extend game sessions with timed bonuses and build excitement with our flexible Lucky Wheels. With an instant in-game bonus system, reward players for accomplishing engaging tasks. Hold tournaments and combine them with unforgettable quests and achievements to facilitate a highly competitive environment for increased retention on your iGaming platform.

Tournaments and Jackpots

PLAYNOVA PLUS’ tournament leaderboard system pit your players against each other in a competitive environment to increase engagement. The easy-to-use interface delivers real-time updated leaderboards and enables you to create tournaments of any size, with any number of players, configurable winning conditions, and a multitude of Jackpot reward options.

Lucky Wheels

At PLAYNOVA, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to win. With highly customizable wait times and rewards, Lucky Wheels is designed to increase retention by providing players with the opportunity to spin the wheel to win prizes tailored specifically based on their needs.

Missions and Achievements

PLAYNOVA PLUS’ configurable gamification tools take your players on thrilling journeys. Create missions with exciting rewards waiting at the end of every journey, and implement stimulating achievements to keep players motivated. Set up challenges for your players to overcome, or customize the game environment to make it more captivating.

Gamble Feature

This in-game feature enables players to gamble any win on a single round, for the chance to double or quadruple their winnings. The feature can be activated or deactivated on a game and brand level.